Ballet de L'opéra de Paris in Astana today

The French ballet company of the world’s oldest ballet school will perform in Astana Opera. The team of the famous Paris Opera Ballet will open their ‘Gala de Paris’ program today, on July 27. The performances will last for three days. The unique concert program opens with an emotional ballet Raymonda. Ballet stars such as Laetitia Pujol, Sae Eun Park, Francois Alu, Camille Bon, Marion Gautier and others will perform in the Grand Hall to the music played by the Astana Opera symphony orchestra.


-This project is unique and I believe that it will be interesting. We will show various ballet styles, various dancing techniques and a great variety of music genres, including partially early classical music, late renaissance and the music of the 20th century. In terms of artistry, it will be one of the best projects I have ever undertaken.

The ballet program is very eventful and was created to mark the 20th anniversary of Astana and the 350th anniversary of the world’s oldest ballet school.


-It is a great event for all of us who arrived in Astana. We can feel it from the very first step on the land of Kazakhstan. This wonderful theater produced an enormous impression on us. We have just attended the first rehearsal of the orchestra and we are very pleased by its sound. It is the sound of an elite and magnificent theater. It was filled with the harmony of quality and architecture. This unique event never happened before and will never happen again.

The event will serve as celebration of grace and beauty. The costumes for the performances were designed by well-known fashion designers, Christian Lacroix and Olivier Rousteing. The combination of youth and majestic classics will be appreciated by the ballet admirers.