Central Asian Dance Festival

Central Asian dancers are learning modern dance styles. More than 100 young artists of the region gathered in Astana for the festival of master classes ‘Central Asian Dance Festival’. The unique platform is designed to become an advanced educational center focused on the development of the neoclassical and modern choreography all over Central Asia. 


 - We arrived here to participate in the Central Asian Dance Festival of master classes and learn from the best, experienced choreographers from the United States. It is a unique opportunity to meet dancers from various Central Asian countries and share our experiences. Broadway is a new dance style for Tajikistan.

For two weeks, participants were instructed by the internationally acclaimed choreographers from the United States. The dancers were trained by the famous instructors such as Catherine Pilkington and Tara Compton. The leading dance professional held master classes in neoclassical ballet, contemporary dance, modern dance, Broadway, improvisation, jazz and hip hop styles.


 – We have been very lucky to teach all around the world and there are only a few countries that we single out. We call them “dancing countries” because they are of such high level of ability that it’s very motivating for us to come and work and share. Because the talent is extraordinary and all the Central Asian countries have an amazing ability in their dancing skills.

The participants learned new dancing techniques and also gained additional knowledge in the fields of marketing, communications, filmmaking and the modern digital art.