Modernization of Kazakhstan’s identity projects

This year marks 200 years since the birth of prominent state and political figure Mussa Shormanov. He was the head sultan of Bayanaul district in Pavlodar province in the middle 19th century. Mussa Shormanov was well-educated and advocated for knowledge. He laid foundation for the establishment of the Bayanaul phenomenon. Mussa Shormanov had built a school, where Kanysh Satbayev used to study. He used to help Shokan Ualikhanov and Mashhur Jussup Kopeyev. Local builders are constructing a mausoleum in Mussa Shormanov’s home village of Tendik. Construction supplies were brought from the Caspian Sea. The project is funded by the sponsors as part of the Modernizations of Kazakhstan's Identity program. The project developers are also planning to open Mussa Shormanov’s museum.


 - He was the uncle of Shokan Ualikhanov, and was part of the elite of the Kazakh intellectuals. These intellectuals represented the Kazakh people at that time. He originated from this locality and achieved success, including the czar's audience, who personally gave him the officers rank. It was a big deal at that time.


 - A group of specialists arrived from Mangystau region to build the mausoleum of Mussa Shormanov. They used to build the mausoleum of Issabek Ishan. We plan to complete the construction by September 15.