Contemporary choreography performance by Astana Opera Ballet

The modern ballet performances were held in Astana Opera. The crew presented the premieres of two one-act modern ballet performances to the spectators of the main stage of Kazakhstan. Raimondo Rebeck and Kseniya Zvereva served as the stage directors. Both performances were created especially for the Astana Opera ballet company and have never been demonstrated before. According to artistic director of Astana Opera ballet company Altynai Assylmuratova, the premiere was an experiment for the ballet team of Astana Opera. The dancers are used to the classic choreography and the participation in modern performances is a new and interesting experience for them.


 - It is a very good experience for our artists. There are various types of modern choreography. This one is a modern neoclassic choreography which is very difficult. Everyone involved in the acts are performing complex part, including the artists of corps de ballet who perform very complex moves, including supports. The modern choreography performances are beneficial for us not just aesthetically, but as a good practice for our ballet artists.

The two performances are related to two different stories. The first play developed by German choreographer Raimondo Rebeck is searching for the answer: ‘How long is now?’ The choreographer tried to convey the sense of time by means of the dance moves and show that every person has his own perception of ‘now’, it can last forever or can just be a fraction of a moment. Another story is based on the libretto to ‘The Air Nomads’ by Kazakh writer Adam Kapanov. According to the performance’s choreographer and stage director Kseniya Zvereva, this ballet act incorporates both traditional and modern styles.


 - I believe that we should certainly honor, preserve and keep our traditions. At the same time, we should be brave enough and willing to move on. We combined all that in our play. I am grateful to our artists for the interest and desire to work on this performance. 

The modern choreography performances ended the season of Astana Opera on a high note. The artists delighted the spectators with the new verges of their talents.