Kazakh art in the world

The chamber orchestra ‘Academy of Soloists’ will be touring Europe soon. The music band will give performances on the Mediterranean Sea shore upon the invitation of their Italian colleagues.    


 - The band is planning to hold an extensive tour in Italy. We will cross Italy from the North to the South followed by a trip to Macedonia. It will last for 15 days as the tour includes eight cities. This cultural cooperation provides a valuable experience because there are both experienced and very young and talented musicians in our orchestra.  


 - It is a great honor for us to present our country abroad. We will do our best to demonstrate our musical art at a high level. I think that such trips are very useful for every musician in terms of professional growth and development.

It is not easy to surprise the sophisticated Italian audience. However, according to the musicians, the Kazakh people have a great advantage. The rich musical heritage allows conveying the whole range of the soul and the vast space of the Great Steppe. These melodies captivated the audience.    


 - The tour is held as part of the ‘Modern Kazakh Culture in the Global World’ project within the Modernization of Kazakhstan’s Identity program. The European audience is very experienced. Therefore, it is a great responsibility for us to present the Kazakh art and the Kazakh classic music to this audience. It is a kind of a test of our performing skills.

The tour organizers are hoping for further cooperation with foreign colleagues. They are planning to hold more tours in other European countries as well.