'Golden Man' exhibition travels around the world: China

The legendary Golden Man continues touring around the world. This time, the citizens of China had a unique opportunity to learn about the archeological discovery of the 20th century. The exposition titled ‘The Heritage of the Great Steppe: Masterpieces of Jewelry Art’ opened in the city of Xi’an in Shaanxi province. A collection of women’s gold and silver jewelry from the National Museum of Kazakhstan was also presented for the visitors. The collection contains more than 300 jewelry items dating back to the ancient times up to the modern times.


 - The exhibition is divided into three large sections. The first section is dedicated to the archeological items, such as gold pieces of the Scytho-Saka period dating back to the 6-4 centuries BC. It is the early Iron Age. The second section contains the Kazakh jewelry, generally, women’s silver bracelets, rings, belts, as well as chest and hair jewelry. The third section features photo materials related the architectural and archeological facilities of Kazakhstan.

The joint exhibition is a definitely not the only large-scale event held as part of the cultural cooperation of the two countries. Over the past several years, Kazakhstan and China held a whole range of events, such as culture days, cinema weeks and others.


 - Kazakhstan and China are close neighbors, but we need to admit that the people in China don’t know enough about the culture and history of Kazakhstan. Therefore, our Embassy puts a lot of efforts to showcase Kazakhstan’s historic exhibits, as well as artists, writers and films, so that Chinese citizens learn more about our country. We believe that these events enable more contacts between our countries. The more Chinese citizens know about Kazakhstan, the stronger is friendship between the two people.

The exhibition is held as part of ‘The Golden Man’s Tour Around the Museums of the World; international project. The exhibition in China it close on September 12.