Unique exhibits in Kazakhstan museums

The museums of Kazakhstan are expanding their collections of unique exhibits. A campaign titled ‘Leave Your Name in the History’ was held as part of the Modernization of Kazakhstan’s Identity program in Zhezkazgan. Local residents donated about 300 ancient items to the collections of the museums. A wooden bucket for kymys preparation is among them. According to experts’ estimates, it is about 100 years old. Skillfully decorated boots dating to the 19th century is also in the list of the rare items. However, the book ‘Shahnameh’ by Ferdowsi is the most valuable item printed in the middle of the 19th century.


 - This book is very valuable. Our staff is currently engaged in restoration of this book and research works. We submitted the book for analysis to specialists and religion experts and they all verified its value. We believe that it is a great success. It is another rare item in our collection. 

Rare exhibits are also presented in the ‘Akmeshit’ museum in Kyzylorda. The museum visitors can see the ancient French clock “Le Roi a Paris” dating back to 1901. The ancient clock which name is translated as ‘The King of Paris’ is skillfully made of redwood and is about one meter high. It is remarkable that the clock is still functioning. A piano made in the beginning of the last century in Germany is another rare item preserved by the museum staff as a valuable and rare item. Even after 100 years, its ivory keys are still producing melodic sounds.  


 - The museum exhibits are related to the history of Kyzylorda. This period starts in 1818 when the present-day Kyzylorda was Akmechet fortress. Special attention is paid to the middle of the 1920s when Kyzylorda was the capital of Kazakhstan.

There is the total of 2,000 unique items exhibited in Akmeshit museum.