Kazakhstan and South Africa: cultural cooperation

Kazakhstan and South Africa are strengthening their cultural cooperation. According to South African ambassador to Kazakhstan Keitumetse Seipelo Thandeka Matthews, this year, the embassy is planning to organize concerts of several African performers in Kazakhstan. Like many other countries of the continent, this year, South Africa is celebrating the 100th birth anniversary of the famous politician; public and state figure Nelson Mandela. South Africa and their representative offices all over the world are holding events, concerts and roundtable meetings as part of the celebrations.


 - In September, we are hoping to have a concert and bring some South African artists but what we would like is the South African artists to appear with Kazakh artists on that day. Now, many people are not aware that we have a very rich and very strong Islamic history in South Africa. And so the Cape Malay choir they recite the Qur’an in a very different way from anywhere that you’ll ever see. And we thought that is so special. And we believe that Kazakh people will really appreciate it. And so we are bringing them here in October. And so think you know these public diplomacy events are some of the best ways in which to build relationships between people.