‘Kymyz Muryndyk’ is one of the ancient Kazakh traditions

‘Kymyz Muryndyk’ is one of the ancient Kazakh traditions

Ancient traditional festivals are being revived in Kazakhstan. ‘Kymyz Muryndyk’ is one of them. From the times immemorial, treating guests to fresh kymyz was one of the most significant rituals of the nomads that symbolized well-being and wishing good health. A dairy drink with a 6-thousand-year history has health-enhancing beneficial components. Numerous guests from various districts of Almaty region gathered at the event in order to try the healthy drink. Festival ‘Kymyz Muryndyk’ is 2018’ was held as part of Modernization of Kazakhstan’s identity program. Horse farmers of Kegen districts delivered 1,500 tonnes of kymyz to the traditional event.


-  I am glad that our ancient traditions are revived and our younger generation is introduced to them. This festival is a testimony to the success of the Modernization of Kazakhstan’s Identity program. We are going back to our roots and honor our history.


-  We are happy that members of various ethnic groups from various districts arrived to participate in the kumys festival. Our fathers and grandfathers share their rich experiences with the younger generation. We suggest including the ‘Kumys Muryndyk’ festival in the UNESCO Heritage List.

The local residents of the East Kazakhstan region also celebrated ‘Kymyz Muryndyk’. More than 50 yurts were installed here especially for the event. Heads of 60 local farms brought 500 liters of mare’s milk kymyz and 100 liters of camel milk shubat for the celebration.  Farmers expect to launch industrial production of kymyz in the near future. Last year, local farms produced around 45,000 liters of horse milk.


 - This event is organized for the young people so that they could experience the authentic traditions. They have an excellent opportunity to learn more about tour agricultural products, handmade crafts and work of the local artisans. The holiday is well-organized.

There are more than 30 types of kymyz. The useful properties of the traditional drink have been proved by many scientists. Kymyz is used in health facilities and as a treatment method to cure multiple diseases.