Zhambyl region’s culture days were held in Astana

Zhambyl region’s culture days were held in Astana. Nearly 200 artists of the region arrived to congratulate Astana on its 20th anniversary. Local performers, popular singers and artists of the regional theaters prepared a rich entertainment program that included plays of the famous directors and a concert by famous artists that surprised the local spectators.


-  We have brought folk groups, folk instruments orchestra and a dance group. There are songs written by composers of our region. The majority of songs are dedicated to Astana. In order to promote the art of the young singers and composers, we decided to organize a program that includes only our compositions.

This song was written exclusively to Astana to mark its 20th anniversary. Several kuys and compositions were also presented during the event. In addition, Zhambyl artisans also demonstrated their crafts in the ‘Ethnic Village’ national and
cultural complex. Rare exhibits from the Applied Arts Museum and other museums of Zhambyl region were also presented here.


 - We make wooden items, such as this dish made of black hardwood. These are dishes for fruits and dates. The items are performed in the traditional fashion, consistent with the modern style. Such souvenirs can be found in every house.

Zhambyl region’s culture days entertained the residents of Astana. The celebration ended with a gala concert of the traditional music.