‘History Written By Light’ Photo Exhibition

‘History Written By Light’ Photo Exhibition

A unique photo exhibition, dedicated to the works of famous photojournalist and local historian Nurmukhamat Imamov, was held in Astana. The exposition features the rarest pictures of Akmolinsk and Tselinograd. It includes about 300 works from the Imamov family archive. The photographer left behind a large collection of pictures of the old city, including streets, buildings and people. The exhibition is organized by the son of the photojournalist.


- Five years have already passed since he's been gone. We were looking through his archives and decided to organize an exhibition with my children. He wanted to exhibit these works, but never did so. We decided to show our citizens what Akmolinsk and Tselinograd looked like. He kept a diary since 1962 which is presented here. He captured all the significant events in Tselinograd.

Nurmukhamat Imamov was taking pictures of the everyday life and the significant events in the city. His works reflect a special charm of life. Every picture shows the love of the city. He literally captured every corner of Tselinograd with the lens of his camera. At the same time, the quality of the works is as good as the modern pictures. Imamov also reproduced many historical photographs and documents related to the history of the city.


 - We had a dream of seeing the old city. Our dream came true at this exhibition, as we saw the Palace of Virgin Landers and the old streets. It felt like going back to our childhood.

Nurmukhamat Imamov is WWII veteran and member of USSR Union of Journalists. According to organizers, the items presented at the exhibition are only a small part of his archive. The rest will be presented at the next expositions.  The works of the famous photojournalist will be posted online as well.