‘Kyz Zhibek’ musical in Korea

The legendary love story of Kyz Zhibek and Tolegen has successfully captured the hearts of South Koreans at the Daegu International Musical Festival. The folklore was performed by the Zhastar Thearer of Kazakhstan as the team took part in the world theatre event for the first time. The Kazakh performers of Kyz Zhibek were invited to perform by the organizers of the event. The organizers said the performance demonstrates the authentic Kazakh culture.


- “Kyz Zhibek” musical is different from the other works that I have seen. I would say it is eventful. However, such performances are still unusual for our spectators, but I think that in Daegu, South Koreans will start learning more about the Kazakh art.

The rich musical combination, including opera, rock and the Kazakh traditional music are organically intertwined in the composition of the romantic story. The stunt tricks made the musical “Kyz Zhibek” exciting. The theater team had so many stage props that they had to send luggage to Korea first instead of bringing it together with them when they travel to South Korea. A lot of time was spent on translating the text from Kazakh into English and Korean.


- We saw other musical performances at the festival. They either dance ballet or sing in the choir. We perform ballet and sing at the same time, plus we do circus tricks by ourselves. This is our difference.


- I liked the story of the Kazakh lovers. I also liked the main character that was rejected. The story was understandable because the music is quite similar to Korean. Thanks to this musical I want to learn more about Kazakhstan, its music and culture.

The love story of Kyz Zhibek and Tolegen was appealing not only for spectators but for festival organizers as well. The artists of the Zhastar Theater promised to return to Daegu to perform other works of the Kazakh art.