Photofest.Kz exhibition

Astana through the eyes of foreign photographers. The PHOTOfest.KZ international photo exhibition was opened at the square in front of Baiterek monument. The exhibition features the works of 20 photographers from various countries including China, Japan, Italy, France, Germany, and Russia. The judges selected a total of 200 best works. The photographers explored the city and took pictures in a span of several days. Davit Hakobyan, the photographer of Armenian President is among the participants. He became famous in Kazakhstan thanks to an unqiue picture of Nursultan Nazarbayev.


- My theme was religion. That is why I took pictures of mosques and churches. I like Nazarbayev University very much. It seemed to me that this is an interesting topic, more of a creative photo story. I also wanted to show how different religions co-exist peacefully in Astana.

Many of the pictures have earned the love of residents and visitors of Astana. One of the most popular photographs was the picture of a new bridge across the Esil River.


 - The bridge that was presented to Astana by Atyrau region is very beautiful. This bridge was photographed from all angles, both from above and below. However, everyone says that my picture is special. After the opening of the bridge, which I looked forward to, I climbed up to the roof of an 18-storey building. I was waiting for the sun to rise for about 40-50 minutes to capture a good shot.

The photo exhibition, dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Astana, is open for the public until July 30th.