Amandos Akanayev’s exhibition

Portraits of well-known Kazakhstani figures were presented in Astana. The exhibition of Amandos Akanayev was held at the Palace of Independence as part of Astana’s 20th anniversary celebrations. The exposition includes over 20 paintings from ‘My Contemporaries’ series. The central figures of the paintings are prominent figures representing the fields of education, culture and fine arts. The collection also contains over 70 works made in different techniques such as collage, relief painting and graphics. Amandos Akanayev is well-known in Central Asia and beyond. The artist created his own unique style. Original interpretation of the Turkic patterns and myths can be observed in his works. 


- At this exhibition I presented a series of portraits I’ve been working on for over 10 years. It was not easy to bring them here. While I am alive, I want to paint the portraits of all our prominent figures and open a portrait museum.  

Visitors of the exhibition can observe the works of other members of the Akanayev family as well. The artistic dynasty was established after many years. Its founders are Amandos Akanayev and Nelly Bube who are the descendants of artists themselves. Their children Ruslan, Botagoz and Iskander are also famous artists in Kazakhstan and abroad. Their grandchildren are continuing the legacy of the family.


- I am engaged in graphics, murals and various other types of art. I liked murals a lot. The spray paint is something like the beginning of painting. My grandmother, grandfather and mother are the masters and teachers who set a high bar for me. They are the main source of my works. I learned a lot from these three people.

The exhibition was visited by students of the art master as well as the member of China’s Artists Union, Xu Inli. Visitors can take the opportunity to see the unique art works until 9th August.