Kazakhstan and China: Joint film projects

Kazakhstan and China will shoot their first joint film together. The film, Composer, will be about the fate of the creator of more than 500 musical works and songs of Xian Xinghai. During the Second World War, the composer was in Kazakhstan. In Almaty, he made friends with his Kazakh colleague, Bakhytzhan Baikadamov.


- In 1943 my father accidentally met a musician with a violin and it was clear that he was in need of help. He was sitting on a suitcase, and it was clear that he had nowhere to go. Then my father addressed him in Kazakh, he did not understand. He spoke in Russian, he did not understand it too. This musician spoke English, French, and my father know neither English nor French. But it was obvious that the musician really need help and he has nowhere to go, and my father just took his hand and led him to us.

The Film tells the story about friendship and cooperation of two great musicians. They always supported each other. Together they were able to overcome all hardships of the war years and write a new chapter in the history of music.


 - Mainly the film is about friendship, which based on the love of art and the love of music. And about how people from different countries helped each other during the war years. It is very touching!


 - Music and cinema are an art which reflects our feelings. Those feelings that Xian Xinghai praised with his music are love, friendship, faith – we want to fully show it through this film.  

Preparation for filming lasted for two years. During this time, the organizers conducted research on the fate of the composer in Chinese Yan'an, Almaty, St. Petersburg and other cities. A significant part of the picture was shot in Kazakhstan.


 - The help rendered in Kazakhstan to the Chinese composer Xian Xinghai, says that the hearts of our peoples are beating in unison. And this is an important basis for expanding the cultural and humanitarian cooperation between the two countries. We should appreciate this friendship, which can become a sample for future generations. And if this happens, we will get a new push for the development of trade and economic and cultural ties for joint development.

A lot of attention was paid to the filming process in both countries. The Ministry of Culture of Kazakhstan strongly believes that after the release of this film the relationships between two countries will reach a new level. «Composer» is planned to be released in the second half of this year.