British interest in heritage of Nomads

A portable house of nomads is very popular in the United Kingdom. According to experts, the demand for Kazakh yurts is increasing day by day. A Kazakh businessman presented the first copy to a local company. British people immediately liked the yurt. They appreciated its simplicity and practicality. The main thing is its design, which conveys an unusual originality and reflects the richness of folk applied art, customs, traditions and culture of nomads.


 - It is very popular in the UK and also in a lot of places in Europe. It is something about a connection to nature, a nomad lifestyle. It is about getting back to nature and living a simple life which people love.

Rental for a 6-meter high yurt costs £500-600. The cost to purchase the yurt is ten times higher than the rental price. Despite its expensiveness, the number of people willing to experience the nomad lifestyle is increasing. The business has repeat clients, including owners of tourist agencies, event organizers, representatives of the mayor’s office and educational institutions. The Kazakh yurt has exceptional high popularity among the younger generation.


 - What I really like about them, the outside is very nice but it really is the beautiful tapestries and carpets, and rich fabrics that they have on the inside. It is cozy and beautiful and rich in color. It is very inviting. I would really like to have one.

The company management intends to visit Kazakhstan for business purposes and further development. The British plan to explore new trends in production of yurts and establish business contacts.