An exhibition of the ‘Golden Man’ finishes in Azerbaijan

An exhibition of the ‘Golden Man’ finishes in Azerbaijan. A unique find of the 20th century produced a real cultural resonance in Baku. Thanks to the ‘Legacy of the Great Steppe’ exhibition, residents and guests of the capital discovered a new, interesting, original and unexplored Kazakhstan. Visitors with interest got acquainted with decorations of Kazakh women, a yurt and a main exhibit.


 - Visitors saw historical materials, jewelry of the 8th, 4th and 3rd centuries BC, as well as of the 19th century AD. More than 2,500 people have visited the exhibition. The main exhibit is a Sak warrior, whose armor consists of 4,000 gold pieces. The Golden Man's headgear is a crown.


 - A nice surprise in the history of museum in Baku coming to an area where you see very high quality jewelry hand crafted in Kazakhstan. It is a really amazing collection, jewelry and art.

A special part of the exposition is ancient ornaments. A collection of gold items found in the Issyk Kurgan and more than 170 women's ornaments has been presented in the exhibition. Guides have explained in details the origin and history of every exhibit. Since Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan share common Turkic roots, culture and traditions, there is interest in the exposition.


 - I have amazing and fantastic impressions. We love the steppe very much, we love Kazakhstan very much. This culture of the steppe is all-pervasive, global and very beautiful.

Azerbaijan is a third country where the ‘Golden Man’ has been showcased. Since last year, the exhibit has been presented in the world's museums, including museums of Belarus and Russia. After Baku the exhibition will head to China, Poland and South Korea. Until 2021, the exposition will be presented in more than 12 countries of the world.