‘Made in KZ’ national band

World hits are played on a dombyra. A two-stringed Kazakh national instrument has modern sound. The work of the ‘Made in KZ’ national band is proof for this. Not only kuis, but popular compositions can also be performed on the Kazakh dombyra, say members of a music band.

Head of the group Bauyrzhan Itikeyev came up with an idea to create an extraordinary project three years ago. During this short period, ‘Made in KZ’ managed to gain popularity not only in Kazakhstan but also far beyond borders of the country. The musicians manage to constantly surprise their fans with the unusual sound of the classical national instrument. Recently, their achievements include a new cover music video for famous song ‘Hotel California.’

The group’s creative works is in high demand. The musicians have toured many cities of Kazakhstan, as well as cities of Russia, Malaysia, Turkey and Finland.


 - The dombyra has all the same seven notes. I do not think that with this I surprised professional musicians. A lot of people are surprised how people can play on two strings. I say “yes, of course, you can play.”

The Kazakh team’s instruments differ with electronic instruments, which have good quality and clear sound.


 - One of the main goals of our group is to make our national musical instrument popular. Isn’t it good if foreign citizens know about our musical instrument? They will be interested in it and will want to learn how to play on it.

Thanks to the ‘Made in KZ’ project, the Kazakh dombyra is earning the love of people in the Internet. Musicians upload covers for popular songs in the social network. In the near future, the band promises to delight their fans with a new music video featuring a Russian singer.