‘Astana’ second world theater festival

Beijing People's Art Theater presented a performance titled ‘I Love Peach Blossoms’ in Astana. The theatrical production is based on the original Chinese work of famous writer Zou Jingzhi and directed by Ren Ming. Since its premiere in 2003, it has been played 275 times and has been repeatedly presented at festivals in Japan, Italy and Romania. Thanks to the recognition from both home and abroad, the production became one of the most popular modern Chinese dramas. Chinese artists have arrived in Astana as part of the Second World Theater Festival. Founded in 1952, the theater is famous for its unique style, combining realism and national motifs.


 - I play a role of a man who wants to enjoy life and see all its charms. However, in reality I'm quite different. I do not support such frivolous behavior. I want to note that we came to the event as part of the One Belt, One Road program. I expect that in the future such festivals which allow more cultural exchange between different countries.


 - As far as I know, Kazakhs are very hospitable, open and cheerful people. It is a great honor for me to speak today on this soil because our people are close. There are many Kazakhs in China. I am very glad to see you. I think that local people love songs and dances, respect traditions and this is how we are quite similar.

The ‘Astana’ Second World Theater Festival was organized as part of a celebration of the Day of the Capital. This year, the festival has united theater groups from 13 different countries. The audience has been introduced to the world’s 18 popular performances. The festival was not only a venue for best productions of professional theatrical groups in Europe and Asia, but it also gave an opportunity to be acquainted with culture of other countries.