Japanese Theater in Astana

Japanese Theater in Astana

Kazakhstan’s capital hosted a magical performance of the Kabuki ancient Japanese theater. As part of the international theater festival, the ‘Nakamura Gekijo’ team from Tokyo performed in Astana for the first time. Well-known at home and abroad, the theater presented an unforgettable production of ‘Kabuki Show Iki.’ Japanese people learn this traditional art since their childhood. Artists have mastered acting skills and speech techniques and they also have acrobatic skills as well as fencing skills with sword and spear. The artists earned the love of the Kazakh public. Moreover, at the end of the play, spectators were delighted with a special prayer for Kazakhstan’s prosperity.


 - Kabuki is a traditional Japanese drama and music theater, which has the 400-year history and tradition. Kabuki is a very grandiose and large-scale dramatic performance. There are 12 people and it's very interesting to see how the director will put together this performance.

The Japanese Kabuki Theater is not the only surprise of the Astana international theater festival. The capital also hosted performances of the best bands from Italy, the United Kingdom, Lithuania, Germany and China.