Holy instrument Dombyra

Kazakh traditional music instrument dombyra is an embodiment of the nation’s spirit. The sound of the unique instrument, Kazakhs from generation to generation shared their dreams and joys, and found solace. The dombyra has a great ability to influence human soul with its unique sound. Today, more foreign citizens show their interest in this string instrument. The Internet is filled with videos, where people of different backgrounds demonstrate their dombyra playing skills.

American Dennis Keen is a big fan of the dombyra. A Californian nativce had studied the basics of playing the Kazakh instrument for three years. According to Dennis, the fact that it has just two strings and yet produces a rich palette of sounds is amazing.


– For me the most interesting thing about a dombyra is that even when you play it without any seeing you can tell some kind of story. Not every instrument in the world that can do that. My favorite composition is one that I can personally play but I love to hear. It’s called ‘Akku’. What I liked about it it’s a song about a  swan. ‘Akku’ is a Kazakh word for swan and just from listening that music you can kind of hear the sound of the swan, you can get an impression of the swan. And the way you play it that so virtuosic.

This year, Kazakhstan has introduced a National Dombyra Day. It is marked every first Sunday in July. The holiday aims to consolidate the people around an idea of preserving and reviving the traditional culture. This has been a dream that came true for many residents of Kazakhstan.


 - A dombyra is a holy instrument for Kazakhs. There is evidence that this instrument is over 5,000 years old. This is a very ancient instrument. The dombyra takes a great place in the heart of any Kazakh. Our ancestors dreamed that there would be a celebration in honor of the dombyra. Our brothers, Akhmet Zhubanov and Uali Bekenov wanted the dombyra to become a symbol of our state. We are preparing for the Day of the dombyra and look forward to this holiday.

The dombyra is a holy instrument. Kazakhs believe that its sound has a healing effect. Charming sounds of the dombyra inspire and awaken love for the native land.