Art in Central Asian countries

Astana is hosting the World Theatre Festival that has given a platform to the series of performances by the leading theater actors of the world. The theater stars will demonstrate their skills for the residents of Astana. The event is one of the iconic cultural projects of Kazakhstan. The event has gathered seventeen leading theatre teams from thirteen countries.     


 - The festival’s geographical range is extensive. The festival’s main value is that we are uniting the European and Asian theatres. There are theatre events in Europe where theatres from the European countries participate, and there are Asian festivals for Asian performers. The most important value is that Astana is bringing together the Eurasian actors because we are basically the cultural center of Eurasia. 

The festival program includes the best theater performances from classical plays to contemporary dramas. The Abdumomunov Kyrgyz National Academic Drama Theater presented the story of the famous Kazakh scientist and educator Shokan Ualikhanov’s tragic death on the stage in Astana. The play ‘Struggle with Death’ was the result of the cultural cooperation between the theaters of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.


 - In our performance, we are presenting Shokan Ualikhanov’s last night. He is loved and respected in Kyrgyzstan. We express our appreciation and respect to the great person with this performance, because we know that he was the first to present the Epic of Manas to the audience of the world. It is wonderful that the cultural ties between the close and fraternal nations, the Kazakh and Kyrgyz people, are strengthening.

The Uzbek National Academy Drama Theater is also participating in the festival. The spectacular acting and the original staging of the performance with the symbolic title ‘Conscience’ impressed the audience.


 - I enjoyed today’s performance and I am going to visit the festival every day. Bravo to the director! Bravo to the actors!

The play’s main idea is the struggle between the conscience, honesty and greed. According to the actor in the role of Professor Kamilov, Yodgor Sagdiyev, the play written in the middle of the last century is relevant in the modern times.   


- The play’s topic is important for today’s reality. Our teachers acted in this play in the 60s and recently we began staging it for the 100th anniversary of our theater. We restored this play and I was lucky to play Professor Kamilov who does good to people.  

The festival that brought together the theatre artists of Europe and Central Asia will end with a solo performance of the famous French actress Juliette Binoche. The global film star will share her priceless acting experience with festival participants.