Eurasian Dance Festival

The stars of the world choreography gathered in Astana for the second international ballet art festival ‘Eurasian Dance Festival’ held in Astana Ballet. This year’s event opened with the performance of the Russian ballet master Alisher Khassanov followed by the performance of the pearl of the classical ballet art, Giselle. The residents of Astana have the opportunity to enjoy the week-long festival with the performances by the National Ballet of China, the legendary Spanish dance team Castro Romero, the artists from Slovenia, Portugal, the Netherlands and many other countries. This festival is unique for its original choreography allowing the audience to enjoy the works of the modern stage directors that combine various styles. The Eurasian Dance Festival gives the ballet-goers the unique opportunity to learn about the new trends in the ballet art.    


- This gives an opportunity to the Kazakh audience to get to know foreign guests and new interesting shows. Not everyone can visit a place to see a performance. It's a live performance. It's art of ballet at the end of the day. It demands to be it here and now. Of course, guests get acquainted with Astana and the culture of Kazakhstan. This is an important intersection of cultures and acquaintances.


 - Our ballet company is going to present a ballet evening from two different choreographers. One of them is world well known choreographer Dutch choreographer. The second part is Pastoral Symphony. Slovenian choreographer Sparemblek. I just would like to mention that this year 2018 we are celebrating in our country 100 years of professional Slovenian Ballet Ensemble.