‘Heritage Of The Great Steppe’ exhibition

An exhibition of crafts and decorative art items titled ‘The Heritage of the Great Steppe’ was held in Astana. The exposition is dedicated to the centuries-old traditions of the Kazakh folk craftsmanship. Over 60 craftworks made of various materials including precious metals, leather, felt, porcelain and clay were included in the unique exhibition. The collection of craftworks consists of jewelry, traditional clothes, handmade carpets and household items. According to art experts, every item presented at the exhibition reflects the rich culture of the Kazakh people, and also reveals to the visitors the national traditions and customs preserved by the people living in the vast spaces of the Great Steppe.  


- There are many visitors at our exhibition, especially foreigners and ordinary residents of Astana. They cannot contain their amazement after seeing the collection. All these items are made by craftsmen and their art is passed from generation to generation. For example, this tekemet has so many ornaments, and each of them has its own meaning and history. There are many types of clothes in the collection, including beshpets, kamzols, earrings, dresses and various types of carpets.