Popularization of Dombyra playing

The national day of a dombyra in Kazakhstan is hoped to unite the society around an idea of preserving and reviving national culture and identity. The number of young people playing this musical instrument is growing in the country. Admirers of the dombyra include representatives of other nationalities. Among them is Andrei Fendrikov who is known as a virtuoso player of the musical instrument. He graduated from the Zhurgenov Academy of Arts in guitar class.

His interest in the dombyra led him to take classes of professional kuishi Aigul Ulkenbayeva. As a result, Andrei not only performs songs, but also writes texts for aitys.


-  It's not necessary to be dombyra players. Most importantly, it is necessary to respect a dombyra and culture through it. This means not only Kazakh culture, but also culture as a whole.

Andrei Fendrikov’s repertoire includes works of famous kuishi such as Kurmangazy, Dauletkerei, Tattimbet and Kazangap. According to a musician, a celebration of the national day of the dombyra is a manifestation of love and respect for culture in Kazakhstan.