Dombyra is national symbol

The history of the Kazakh dombyra is nearly 500 years old. Visitors can trace centuries-old development of a musical instrument at an exhibition in one of the museums in Pavlodar. Unique exhibits once played by famous kuishi of Yertis are presented at the exposition. The oldest dombyra found in a cave on the territory of the Mongolian Altai is a highlight of the exhibition though the dombyra has no historical information on its exact origin. According to scientists, the oldest dombyra dates back to the 5th century AD. The instrument has a runic inscription of ‘Music takes us to a state of love.’


 - If you think again on a meaning of these words, you can understand how ancient the dombyra is. Its roots stretch from the birth of Turkic people. Thanks to the dombyra, Kazakhs have preserved their history, customs and traditions and passed them on from generation to generation for centuries

Folk artist Bauyrzhan Barlykov has been manufacturing dombyras for almost 30 years. The craftsman closely cooperates with music schools. More than one generation of talented akyns and kuishi has learned to play on the master’s dombyra. He highlights that he has a great interest in the musical instrument.


-  Often people come with teachers’ requests from music schools. Recently, I have sent a lot of items to Astana. It is a city of young people who have a great demand for dombyra.

The dombyra can be considered as a national brand. It has been a faithful companion of Kazakhs for many years. The musical instrument is still popular today. Beginning of this year, the first Sunday in July has been declared a national day of the dombyra.