Turandot premieres in Astana Opera

The famous opera, Turandot, will premiere tomorrow in Astana Opera. Kazakh artists collaborated with their colleagues from China’s national opera theater on producing the last work of the great opera composer Giacomo Puccini. The Italian composer wrote this epic masterpiece when he was over 60. This composition differs from his other works, such as Le Boheme, Tosca and Madama Butterfly. Two absolutely different music styles and life perspectives are closely intertwined in Turandot.


 - The opera Turandot is about doubts, searches and the results. Puccini is a great composer who wrote his beautiful melodies. The music in this opera is outstanding and delightful. The story of Turandot is presented through the prism of the experience of the 20th century.

The unique performance is staged by the famous Italian director Davide Livermore. He used to work with Luciano Pavarotti and Placido Domingo as well as many other famous and prominent artists. As any other director, he doesn’t reveal the details of the upcoming premiere.


 - I will not reveal the details of the performance, but I will mention the magnificent stage design of the highest quality and level. The whole team that worked on the opera Turandot is very professional and I am happy to be here and collaborate with Astana Opera. 

Alan Buribayev is the conductor of the premiere of Turandot . He notes that in this brilliant work of Puccini, it is very important for him to perform the music for the opera, and also to convey to the audience the whole range of conflicting emotions and hope, as well as pain and agony that the dying composer demonstrated in his marvelous work.  


 - In my opinion, Turandot is not the cold-hearted and cruel beauty as we all are used to see her in many years. For me, she is a very vulnerable, delicate and suffering character.

The opera’s plot is based on a fairy tale drama written by Carlo Gozzi and later partially rewritten by Friedrich Schiller. In his turn, Giacomo Puccini added more drama to the story. The main character is the Chinese princess Turandot who had three riddles for those who wanted to marry her. Those who failed to answer the riddles were executed. Only Prince Calaf dazzled by Turandot’s beauty succeeded in solving them and asked the princess to solve his riddle. The end of the fairy tale is optimistic as love wins although there are deaths and tragedies in the opera. Calaf’s aria is a magnificent music piece that has fascinated audience for many years.