‘Minhwa’ Korean art exhibition

Art brings people and cultures together. An exhibition of the Korean Minhwa folk painting has been opened in the museum of the First President in Astana. The most ancient art of the 18th century is interpreted in paintings of three Korean artists. There are paintings and sculptures, and items symbolizing everyday life among 57 exhibitd made in the Minhwa technique. There is a special meaning in each painting. According to artists, a tiger symbolizes strength and safety while fish is a symbol of love. The presented works of the masters are unique and feature a wide range of unusual colors.


 - Paintings of the Minhwa technique were created during the Joseon Dynasty. Paper was obtained from a bark and roots of a tree, which was boiled and then dried. Masters used special colors: bright and saturated colors. To date, more than 20,000 artists work with the Minhwa technique. This painting costs approximately US$5,000 on average.