Filming of historical series ‘The Kazakh Khanate’

Picturesque places of the South-Kazakhstan region have become a set for a large-scale filming of the second season of a historical feature series titled ‘The Kazakh Khanate. The Golden Throne.’

The events of the film are set in the 15th century, during the emergence of the Kazakh Khanate. According to the authors of the project, the film crew managed to revive the meeting of the founders of the Kazakh khanate Kerei and Zhanibek.


 - In comparison with the first season, the second season is more interesting in terms of its dynamics and fighting scenes. There will be a lot of action. I think the audience will like the plot twists. The script is written based on the historical accounts and records. Research in historical literature has been done in order to accurately reproduce the events of the past.

This is one of the most difficult periods of the Kazakh Khanate which was marked in the history as a battle of Zhanibek and Kerei khans with the descendants of Abulkhair khan for power and the city of Syganak. The plot of the series unfolds around this event. Parts of the scenes were filmed in Turkistan.


 - Historical films are my element. I like to star in such films. In parallel, I’m involved in filming of Tomiris by Akan Satayev. This is also one of large-scale projects. The action takes place on the same territory but in the 5th century.

200 actors and crew are involved in the filming of the ‘Kazakh Khanate. The Golden Throne.’ They have recreated the medieval Kazakh village with absolute accuracy. Yurts, flags, military tents, costumes were specially made for the film.


 - Due to weather conditions, sometimes the filming is postponed. Sometimes it rains, so we have to wait for 2-3 days. In good weather, we try to catch up with the schedule. It is not an easy task to shoot historical films since there are many details that we have to be careful with. Shooting of one episode can take up to two days.

Eight episodes out of ten have already been filmed. The series will be released in December this year which is timed with th3 celebration of the independence day of Kazakhstan.