National day of Dombyra

Kazakhstan is introducing a new national holiday – the day of dombyra. The holiday will be marked on the first Sunday of July and this year, it will be celebrated on the 1st of July. The traditional musical instrument has a special place in the lives of the Kazakh people, in the Kazakh history, culture and arts. Its strings can reproduce the sounds of the Steppe, of running horses and mountain streams. Over 60 types of dombyra are presented in the Atyrau local history museum. The exact copy of Kurmangazy Sagyrbayuly’s dombyra as well as the instruments of Nurgissa Tlendiyev and Karshiga Akhmedyarov  are displayed in the exposition. Prominent Kazakh composer and performer Dina Nurpeyissova’s original dombyra is the pearl of the museum’s collection.  


 - Dina’s famous kui titled ‘1916’ was influenced by Kurmangazy’s famous kui ‘Kishkentai’ dedicated to the uprising led by Issatai and Makhambet.

Dina Nurpeyissova’s dombyra was made in 1930 in Uralsk. Her son Murat donated the instrument to the central museum of Almaty in 1965, but for some reason later took it back. Later, Tuyak Shamilov inherited the dombyra. He donated it to the Atyrau museum in 1978. The exhibition here is not only about the history of the dombyra, but also about the close connections and creative works of the famous kuishi, composers and conductors of the Caspian region.     


 - In general, the ancient Caspian region is the place where the Kazakh traditional music was originated from. This region is the homeland of the great national school of performing art. Moreover, famous dombyra players, kuishi and zhyrshi were born in the locality of Taisogan in the Naryn Desert. 

A 6-meter monument to the great composer Kurmangazy holding a dombyra has been erected in Atyrau. The composer’s timeless works have been numerously performed on the stages of London, Paris, New York, Rome and other capitals of the world. One of the music schools of Atyrau is named after Dina Nurpeyissova. There is a monument in her honor in front of the building. Contests of dombyra players and orchestras are annually held in the regional small academy of arts named after Nurgissa Tlendiyev.

The exhibition is a tribute to the Kazakh traditional instrument, dombyra, and also to the great musicians that passed the love of the musical art to the next generations.