‘The Portrait of Muse of Dior’was showcased at an exhibition in the Kasteyev Art Museum in Almaty

‘The Portrait of Muse of Dior’was showcased at an exhibition in the Kasteyev Art Museum in Almaty. Post-impressionist artist Léon Zeitline drew the 1950's canvas. The painting features Christian Dior’s favorite model Alla Ilchun. Alla Ilchun’s father, Zhuankhal Ilchun was from Almaty. He built the Turksib railway and was once sent to Harbin, China. He married Russian opera singer Tatiana and they had a daughter. After the revolution of 1917, the family relocated to Paris. There, young Alla made a living as a dishwasher at a restaurant. She met Christian Dior completely by accident. One day, Alla’s friend asked to replace her for the Dior Fashion House fitting. The famous couturier immediately liked Alla and she became not only a top model, but also his muse. The Kazakh beauty dictated fashion to French stars of theater and cinema. Dresses that she modeled in the evening were immediately bought by the stars in the morning. It was Alla who created the image of ‘cat eyes’ which is a type of make-up with arrows on upper eyelids, which is still popular today. A private collector from Paris presented ‘The Portrait of Muse of Dior’ for Kazakhs.


 - Typically, models work for two to three years in the fashion industry, and then the industry changes. Alla had worked in the fashion industry for 20 years. Well, there are a lot of reasons to this. First, of course, everyone talks about her waist which is incredibly thin, 47 centimeters! In 20 years, her waist had changed only to two centimeters and became 49 centimeters. She was such a unique person. We should be proud. Therefore, when I saw this painting, I decided to buy it on June 5th. Alla had a goal to bring her father home and show our compatriots that we would be proud: that's what our Alla was, Alla Ilchun.