Traditional ornaments exhibition

Kazakh traditional ornaments have always had a special place in the lives and culture of the Kazakh people. Shoptibay Baidildin is one of those who keep the traditions of this ancient art of ornamentation as he has a great experience in the field. The craftsman uses traditional Kazakh ornaments in his works, adding modern elements and giving them the new life. Shoptibay Baidildin demonstrated his best works at the exhibition that opened in Astana. The artisan presented over 400 works based on the main Kazakh ornament, the Mutton’s horn that was re-worked in various contemporary interpretations. According to Baidildin, preservation of the national traditions in ornamentation is the most important part of his craft. The master’s 40-year experience helps him a lot in his work. The craftsman created over 2,000 works over this time. Baidildin doesn’t limit himself solely to the art. He also wrote several books about his extensive experience.        


- I published two books and the third one is currently under consideration in the Ministry. Over 1,200 various ornaments were included in the book. It would be great if this book is published because it would serve as a great manual for other masters and their apprentices. The Kazakh people are embracing their historical roots, traditions and culture more often, that’s why, this work is very important.