Lara Stolman’s visit to Kazakhstan

Documentary is an effective tool for social change, says famous American producer and director Lara Stolman. The documentary filmmaker arrived in Kazakhstan to participate in the Go Viral festival in Almaty. She has presented a movie titled ‘Swim Team’. The documentary conveys the real story about a swimming team made up  of teenagers with autism. The film received huge public support all over the world and won 13 awards.


- I made the documentary ‘Swim Team,’ which is about a swim team of kids mostly with autism, who rose to became national champions in the United States. The film is about ability and not pleasant limitation of individuals with disabilities. I believe that the film, specifically, documentary can really go very far in terms of starting a dialogue and even move people to take action about important social issues. I’m also going to be doing a workshop for filmmakers or inspiring filmmakers by talking about techniques of a specific documentary. I think a documentary is exploding all over the world in part because anybody can make a documentary now. We all have the power in palms of our hands because we can make films with the phones.

The presentation of the ‘Swim Team’ film that was held in Kazakhstan is the first premier of the documentary in Central Asia.