Akyt Ulimzhiuly’s legacy

A conference on the 150th birth anniversary of Akyt Ulimzhiuly, the legendary Kazakh poet, philosopher and educator, was held in Almaty recently. He dedicated his life to educate the Kazakh people as he continuously fight for their liberation and equal rights. Akyt Ulimzhiuly was a prominent figure who has left significant legacy and made a profound contribution to the development of Kazakh written literature in the 19th and 20th centuries.

He was also a remarkable expert in religion and spirituality as well as a great public figure and skillful speaker. He dreamt of the unity of the Kazakh people, freedom and independence of Kazakhstan. The ideas created by the poet are used in today’s contemporary life. There are many plays created based on his works. His books are also translated into different languages. The legacy of Akyt Ulimzhiuly is full of philosophical ideas and quotes that promote patriotism among younger generation. 


 - There are wide distribution of Akyt Ulimzhiuly’s creative works in China, Mongolia and all Turkic nations. In general, his works are very similar to the President’s Modernization of Kazakhstan’s Identity program. Therefore, we hope that young specialists today will continue to make significant contribution to the study of his legacy.