‘Eurasian Dance Festival’ in Astana

The second international ballet festival titled ‘Eurasian Dance Festival’ will kick-off in Astana on June 24th. Bright scenic costumes, choreography and masterpieces of ballet art from around the world will be showcased in the capital. The festival will take place on the stage of Astana Ballet. This year, the festival is unique as it is completely devoted to the choreography of the author. The audience will have the opportunity to see not only classical productions, but also to be familiarized with new trends of modern ballet.


 - The national ballet of Slovenia from Ljubljana, the national ballet of China from Beijing and the Flamenco Theater from Spain will take part in our festival. Our Kazakh team of opera and ballet will show their skills and perform the Romeo and Juliet play. A number of soloists from famous European theaters, particularly, the national Ballet of Portugal, the State Ballet of Stuttgart and the Dutch National Ballet will also arrive at the gala concert.  I expect our audience will be interested in the performances.

As part of the festival, the Giselle ballet directed by Brazilian choreographer, Ricardo Amarante will be premiered at the Astana Ballet. The two-act romantic ballet performance is based on the old poetic legend written by Heinrich Heine. Music for the production was written by composer Adolphe Adan.


 - Now we’re making ‘Gisele’ which is even more hard I find. It is more traditional, culture and a bit more costumes. ‘Giselle’ is a very big ballet with many dancers about, I think in total 60 or something like this. For every dancer especially the girls it is a dream to do it because it is like ‘Swan Lake’ and ‘Gisele’ I think are the most famous ones.

The seven-day festival will end with a gala concert. The unique program will include performances by famous contemporary choreographers, excerpts from the famous ballet performances of the last century  as well as duets and solos that have become the pearls of the world classical choreography.