Dishes of Kazakh cuisine can become a national brand

Dishes of Kazakh cuisine can become a national brand. According to Kazakh producers, traditional products made of milk can represent Kazakhstan in the global market. There is also continuous demand for environmentally friendly food products. A company in Pavlodar region is currently undertaking a project on the national food products.


 - We make kurt with cumin and pepper, and we have sweet kurt, salted kurt, sour-salty kurt and many other flavors. Now we are developing kospa which is another traditional food product. We want to finalize and release this new type of product.

In just six years, the milk processing plant has expanded the range of its products to 100 items. Several products from goat milk are produced in the Ordabasy region of the South Kazakhstan region. For this purpose, an agricultural cooperative has been created where Dutch goats are bred. Each goat gives up to six liters of milk per day. Now the farm has 500 goats. In the future, the livestock will increase to 6,000. The cost of the project is amounted to more than one billion tenge.


 - We produce yogurt, cottage cheese, sour cream and butter. When the new equipment is brought, we will make cheese, particularly hard cheese, soft cheese, processed cheese and mozzarella. Goat's milk, unlike cow, is more useful, because it has more vitamins and useful micro elements.

According to the producers, today’s traditional domestic products is in line with international food standards. In addition, the country produces exclusive products, such as ice cream made of camel milk. In comparison with the usual product, the ice cream is rich in vitamins, good fats, proteins and minerals. Local businessmen believe that by reviving the dishes and products of traditional cuisine, Kazakhstan can popularize them in the world market. By producing environmentally friendly food products, the country is ready to become a unique supplier of products to foreign markets.