Photo exhibition about Mannerheim’s expedition

A photo exhibition titled ‘The Horse that leaps through the Clouds’ was opened in Astana. The exhibition is dedicated to the expedition of Carl Gustaf Mannerheim to Central Asia in 1906 until 1908. Marshal Mannerheim is an outstanding personality in the history of Finland. He was a soldier, statesman, philanthropist and president of Finland. During his expedition to Central Asia and China, Mannerheim took unique photographs of inhabitants of the region, and also captured the peculiarities of local culture. The exposition included his most interesting works. According to experts, Mannerheim’s photographs are an invaluable contribution to the history and ethnography of the people of Central Asia. 


 - He was travelling from Saint Petersburg all the way to China via Central Asia. Officially that was an archaeological expedition but in reality it was about espionage. So basically the Russian Tsar Nicholas II ordered Mannerheim to do this journey and observe the situation especially about Chinese activity in this region. So basically he travelled 14000 km, he took almost 1500 photos during the visit.