Premiere of ‘Me, Icarus’

Berlin hosted a premiere of the musical performance “Me, Icarus.” Kazakh composer Sanzhar Baiterekov has written the music in the play. This is a joint work of German director Annette Jahns, poet Oliver Schmaering and the Kazakh composer. The creative team decided to present the modern interpretation of the ancient Greek myth about the flight of Icarus. The premiere was held in Parkaue, Germany’s largest theater for children and youth. 10 performances of the Icarus play will be held in Berlin this year. The performance is expected to be staged in Kazakhstan as well.    


- I was really inspired by the professionalism of the director and the librettist, because I am the youngest in this team. They are well-established artists. I am very pleased to participate in it. Oliver Schmaering added Kazakh words to the text of the libretto which in my opinion integrated the Kazakh language in the works of the great writer. I think that is a real success. The director’s work, text, and, I hope, the music contributed to the success.