Astana hosted the ‘Abai Keshi’ charity ball

Astana hosted the ‘Abai Keshi’ charity ball. The cultural event is held regularly in Atyrau and Astana. Every year, the event is attended by the admirers of the famous Kazakh philosopher, educator, composer and poet Abai Kunanbayev as well as foreign guests who keen to make their contributions to the charitable efforts. This year, the Tattimbet Academic Orchestra from Karaganda performed at the event.

An auction of paintings by young talented artist, Aigerim Ospanova was also held. The funds raised will be sent to charity projects.


- We had the idea of holding the ‘Abai Keshi’ event in 2013 or even earlier when we were in Atyrau. In Atyrau, there were traditional events dedicated to Scottish writer Robert Burns and then we had the idea of creating a similar event, dedicated to our great poet Abai Kunanbayev, for the Kazakh public. As part of our event, the guests come forward to read poems and perform songs written by Abai Kunanbayev.