Development of Kazakhstan film industry

Dynamic development of the Kazakh film industry is gaining the attention of global film market. More local films are rented internationally. Kazakh products are gaining recognition at major foreign festivals and competitions. Experts say that a feature film is becoming competitive and profitable.


 - As representatives of the International Federation of Film Producers’ Associations, we started to cooperate with Kazakhstan more than 10 years ago. The idea is to support development of cinematography in Kazakhstan, which is already significant and to promote formation of the film industry in your country. Kazakhstan actively cooperates with foreign partners and we decided to support the Eurasia International Film Festival which is a great platform for the Kazakh film industry.

The Eurasia film festival, which is the largest in Central Asia, is accredited by the International Federation of Film Producers’ Associations, along with the Venice and Berlin International Film Festivals. This year, Astana will host the 14th Eurasia International Film Festival, which will be timed to the 20th anniversary of the capital. The participants of the world cinema market intend to open new names and see the latest novelties of Kazakh cinema.


 - This was 12-13 years ago in 2005. I came to Kazakhstan with a film ‘Ben’s Biography’ and I remember it was very exciting. There was a big festival. I think Catherine Deneuve came from France to be a hostess of the festival. My film was presented there in a big hall. Of course, there was an opening of the festival, very majestic, also there were famous directors.

The Eurasia International Film Festival was included in the 35 best film festivals in the world. This year, the Kazakh film forum was presented in Cannes. This expanded cultural ties with the international film community and promoted Kazakhstan's image as a country with a developed film industry.