Presentation of Gumar Karash’s works

Astana hosted a presentation of the first three-volume edition of the works of Gumar Karash, an outstanding Kazakh poet, educator, philosopher and public figure. The first volume includes poems published during the author's lifetime. The second volume includes works of prose, and the third volume contains the works about the writer's life and the works of researchers who study the writer’s works.

Publishers said that this is the most complete collection of works of the poet. Arabic calligraphy was used as the design of the books.


 - This is the result of our continuous work of nearly six years. In 2012, we interviewed Gumar Karash’s granddaughter, Nadezhda Karasheva, in Moscow. She gave us all the information she had gathered about her grandfather. She said that we can use the necessary information and the rest can be donated to the museum.

The works of the famous educator can be found electronically using a special QR-code. In addition, users can also access the website