Exhibition of artifacts: From Saka period to Kazakh Khanate

A unique exhibition of ancient archeological artifacts is opened at Gumilyov Eurasian National University. The exposition covers the time from the Saka period to the Kazakh khanate and includes clothing and household items, military weapons, jewelry, petroglyphs and musical instruments. The collection of valuable items also consists of Scythian wagons, Bilge-kagan’s golden crown, a tea bowl made of precious metal and a lock. The permanent exhibition presents the total of 60 findings attributed to four ages, such as the Saka, Hun, Turkic and the Kazakh khanate. The majority of them were discovered as a result of multiple archeological studies of the university’s scientists. 


- The artifacts of the Turkic people presented here were discovered in Siberia, Mongolia and Central Asia. These historical items allow us to visualize how our history unfolded from the ancient Saka and Scythian periods, including early Middle Ages.