Popularization of holy places

History of people is wealth of a country. The Holy Places in Kazakhstan are increasingly attracting tourists from Central Asia. Cultural figures and scientists of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Japan and Egypt discussed opportunities for popularization of historical monuments in Almaty. In their opinion, unique facilities which reflect the country’s ancient and modern history, picturesque nature and museums of legends should become places of pilgrimage for tourists. As part of the ‘Holy places of Kazakhstan’ program, 15 facilities have been selected whereby six have been granted the republican status and nine facilities have had local significance. A tourist route of the region was created. The first facility of the route is a museum launched for the 1000th anniversary of Almaty.


 - Tourists want to know about the city in which they arrived. First, the tourists visit the Almaty Museum of History, the Monument of Independence, the Boraldai Saka mounds, Shymbulak and Koktobe. Not only Kazakhstan, but the whole world is also working in showing the history of their ancestors through historical sites.