Le Corsaire ballet premiers at Astana Opera

Astana Opera premiered the worldwide famous ballet Le Corsaire based on the poem by Lord Byron. The magnificent ship, armed pirates and the vivid oriental bazaar were revived at the stage of the famous ballet theater. The spectators enjoyed the flawless choreography, professional scenography, vivid costumes of the artists and the brilliant portrayal of the characters. The century and a half-old thrilling and fascinating story about pirates, brave Conrad and his beautiful beloved Medora was recreated at the stage of Astana Opera, accompanied by Adolphe Adam’s enchanting music. 


- I didn’t experience any difficulties, because we share the similar dance movements and personality. The most important task for me is to give the emotional performance. Despite the fact that she is a happy and cheerful person, there are occasions when she faces treachery, when she is deceived when her beloved is poisoned.  

All the ballet dancers of the theater had the opportunity to take part in Le Corsaire ballet on the stage. 150 dancers presented to the audience the story that turned into the pearl of the classic ballet. The production involved extra players as well. A married couple from Italy implemented their creative ideas on the stage recreating the shipwreck scene on the stage of Astana Opera.  


- We have been working with Astana Opera for five years. During this time we have implemented a number of unique projects. We brought here the real classic art that can be compared to the flower that blossoms before the audience. I am convinced that we will implement a lot of wonderful projects together in the future.


- The ballet dancers of the theater grew before my eyes. We are close like a family. I try to dress them according to their personalities and tastes so that they could shine on the stage.

Le Corsaire is a real encyclopedia of classic dance. It is elegant and at the same time lively. The artistic director of the Astana Opera ballet company emphasized these qualities in the ballet staging. In the past, Altynai Asylmuratova performed the lead role of the play at the stage of Mariinsky Theater in 1987 when the film Corsaire was shot.