June 1 - International Children's Day

International Children’s Day is celebrated in Kazakhstan today. Based on the traditions in many countries, various festive events are organized specially for children on June 1st, including exhibitions, concerts and theatrical performances. Today Astana hosted the festivals too to celebrate the children.

A unique theatrical and circus show based on the Kazakh epos, ‘Alpamys’ is staged at the ethno village site. The audience enjoyed a two-hour program with special effects, unique acrobatic stunts and dance performances. For nearly a year, the performance had been co-produced by Kazakh artists and Cirque du Soleil. Russian stage director, Sergei Kozin directed the theatrical show, which children can enjoy throughout the summer.


 - It's a complicated and serious engineering project. We had been working with the Ministry of Culture for a very long time to begin preparations for the show in October. Unique circus technologies are used for our performance. There are several performances specially set for this show and have never been staged anywhere before.

The most skilled contestants from all districts of Almaty region participated in the regional Assyk Atu tournament in Taldykorgan. There were about 20 children between the ages of five to ten contesting with each other at the sports event that was held for the first time. The winners were awarded with special prizes. The organizers plan to hold the tournament every year.


- The Assyk Atu game is a traditional sport that we need to support and develop, because it is an integral part of our culture and traditions. 

A ‘Happy Childhood’ campaign is being held in Astana as part of the Children’s Day celebration. A tour of the ‘Saryarka’ velodrome was organized for the children where they were entertained with sports events and received memorable gifts.