Kazakhstan in international art market

An international art fair has kicked off in the capital of France today. Works of famous Kazakh artist Bulat Mekebayev are presented at the exhibition at the Louvre. The artist is showcasing his famous collection of paintings about Kazakhstan to foreign art connoisseurs. His canvases decorate galleries of France, Switzerland, Austria, Israel and many other countries. He has traveled across Europe with his exhibitions.


- These series of paintings are called "Oriental Bazaar." This painting is called “The flight of the Eagle,” whereas this painting, "Gold of the Scythians" will be showcased in the Louvre. These are the Saka tribes. Europeans called them Scythians. These are our history and roots which should be remembered.

The main focus of the artist's works is the admiration for the unique beauty of his native land, particularly, the boundless steppes and picturesque Kokshetau. He has drawn hundreds of paintings. Most of the paintings convey the themes on Kazakhstan.


 - The steppe is not just the steppe for me. The steppe is about genes and the code of our people. This is a story about herds and armies. This is the whole story of our people. I find inspiration from there.

Bulat Mekebayev not only has talent to paint but to write as well. He wrote his first book and he presented it in his hometown, Kokshetau. He then went to Astana, Almaty, Berlin and other German cities to present the book. Residents of these cities thank the author for his book. The book, which titled ‘From dawn to dusk’, is about the period of deportations of the Germans and their sufferings in 1941. Bulat Mekebayev said he has chosen the topic on purpose.


 - The reason why I wrote about it is that the history of people cannot be forgotten and my children are half German. I tell them the story of my Kazakh people. They know where they are from, their origins and ancestors. They consider themselves as Kazakhs, but part of them is German. Therefore, I wrote this novel for them and their grandchildren to make sure that they will not forget this. Someone who has forgotten his or her history doesn’t have a future.

Now the Kazakh artist plans to translate the book into German and Hebrew. He is going to write a sequel of the book. The basis for the new book might be the stories about people from different countries who had gone through the same experience as the main character of the first book, Raphael Schnell. The author intends to publish the new book in the next few years.