Kazakh TV: New exclusive Television Projects

Kazakh TV channel’s exclusive television project ‘Art Global’ is focused on the talented Kazakh people abroad. The program features the most prominent representatives of the modern Kazakh culture in literature, theater, cinema, classic and traditional music and fine arts, who gained popularity at the most famous platforms of the world. Viewers were already introduced to the Kazakh art workers acclaimed in Hungary, Spain, France, Austria and Russia. New episodes will be dedicated to the success stories of the Kazakhs in Azerbaijan, Poland and South Korea. The project’s production team is set to prepare about forty films this year.


- Last year, Kazakh Drama Theater visited Japan and the Japanese people were crying at the performances. I think that we need to talk about it and let our viewers know. As we live here in Kazakhstan, the tickets are very cheap compared to the prices in other countries. At the same time, these performers who are based in Astana have sold-out shows abroad. 

Another television project ‘Modern Art’ takes the viewers of Kazakh TV on a breathtaking journey to the world of the modern Kazakh art. The program focuses on new art and features vibrant installations, bold performances, provocative paintings and graffiti-covered walls.


- The ‘Modern art’ project emerged at the right time and place, because the Kazakh modern art gained significant recognition in the world. Luckily, Kazakh TV channel is popular not only in the world, but in Kazakhstan as well. Thanks to that, we are opening old names, as well as new names. Recognition is very important for artists.

‘Modern Art’ airs every Thursday on Kazakh TV channel. A total of three episodes are demonstrated per month. The program has already presented a lot of talented Kazakh artists, sculptors and designers to the viewers of Kazakh TV.