Kazakh singer pursuing dream in United States

Kazakh singer pursuing dream in United States

Kazakh singer and passionate jazz lover Orynbassar Abu decided to continue his solo career in the United States. He graduated from the Kazakh National University of Arts as a jazz vocalist. His passion for singing brought him to New York where he is set to do his best and succeed.    


- I was working on my skills, I studied and worked, devoting myself to music. Then I decided to move to the birthplace of jazz and western music. I would like to gain great experience here and return home to teach the young people there.

Orynbassar performed at the big stages of Kazakhstan as a soloist of the Central Band of the Kazakh Ministry of Defense. He participated in many projects. However, he became popular thanks to The Voice of Kazakhstan show.   


- Having arrived here, I started listening to our ethnic music more often. There is an amazing Kazakh group The Magic of Nomads, they are very talented. I also like our Kazakh popular singers, such as Zhubanysh Zheksenuly and Medeu Arynbayev.

Orynbassar Abu is currently actively performing in American shows and at the meetings of the Kazakh diaspora. He presents the unique variations of the Kazakh music, including jazz arrangements, to the western audience.