Big prospects for Kazakh film industry

An evening of Kazakh culture took place on the Cote d'Azur in France as part of the Cannes International Film Festival. People's Artist of Kazakhstan Aiman Mussakhajayeva, State Orchestra ‘Academy of Soloists’ and a number of famous domestic performers and musicians gave a concert. Guests were surprised by virtuosic skills of Kazakh artists.

Foreign producers and directors have become interested in a number of Kazakh films after the film presentations and trailers of ‘Aruakh’, ‘Kinomekhanik,’ ‘Talan’ and critically acclaimed ‘Amre’ held in the National Pavilion of Kazakhstan.


- Most importantly, I have adopted the main character’s simplicity, sincerity and naivety. If you watch the film, you see that everyone who surrounds him is an extrovert, very vocal and bright. Amre, who is the main character, is like a small Buddha and very talented. As far as I know, this year nearly 60 Kazakh films, both short and long feature films, have taken part in the festival. This, undoubtedly, shows that we have some of the best filmmakers.

The world’s producers’ interest proves the success of the national cinema and its prospects. For example, representatives of Kazakhfilm and Japan’s Tokyo New Cinema have agreed on a joint film project titled ‘The Horse Thieves.’ Moreover, Kazakhfilm will shoot ‘The Composer’ with Chinese filmmakers. 


- Last year, when we were presenting a project at our pavilion, we met well-known Japanese producer Shozo Ichiyama and director Lisa Takeba. We started to talk about our project. The Japanese producer and the director have liked director Yerlan Nurmukhambetov’s idea. I think we have made good progress, because we signed a memorandum of cooperation with Kazakfilm and Tokyo New Cinema. We expect that this year we will start filming.

This year, a large number of Kazakh movies of young talented filmmakers have taken part in the festival. The films have been presented in various categories. Film ‘Aika’ which is the joint work of Kazakh and Russian filmmakers has been listed in the main competitive program.