Kazakhstan is set to become a hot tourism destination in the Central Asian region

Kazakhstan is set to become a hot tourism destination in the Central Asian region

Kazakhstan is set to become a hot tourism destination in the Central Asian region. The government is boosting the tourism industry. Ethno tourism is on focus. For example, Syganak in the Zhanakorgan disctrict of the Kyzylorda region can become a historical and cultural center that will attract travelers from all over the world. According to the local scientists, an open-air museum will be created in the haven of the Kipchak steppe. This will be included into the tourist routes along the holy sites of the Aral Sea. Excavations on Syganak have been conducted for the fourth year. Items found in Syganak belong to the era of the Golden Horde, to Amir Temir’s reign and formation of the Kazakh Khanate.


 - Two large fortress towers are located at the eastern gate of Syganak. We will elongate it for three meters, and the gate will be 1.5 meters high. According to records of archaeologists, the towers will be fully restored. For restoration works, the amount of money was allocated from the republican budget. For archaeological research, 7 million tenge was allocated from the local budget.

Americans are ready to get acquainted with history, traditions and culture of Kazakhs. People who attended the traditional Open Day at the Embassy of Kazakhstan in the United States have become interested in visiting the country. Participants of the event have seen a real Kazakh yurt, exclusive products of arts and crafts and enjoyed the performance of the folk group.


 - The silk, all of the ornamentations is just beautiful. The art work is wonderful and costumes and ornamentations.

 - She is from Kazakhstan. In general, the country is a beautiful place. It is very pleasant to see in Washington what you have in Kazakhstan. Baursaks are the most delicious. Thank you so much.

New York resident, David Valera has long been fascinated by Kazakhstan. He often visits Kazakhstan. This time he came to Washington to share his impressions with an audience.


 - I’m wearing which called Kazakh traditional shapan which is worn by a lot of the elders in different parts of the world. This is a traditional uniform for men. I’m missing the hat.